Our Performance Simulator from Foresight Sports uses The GC2 Launch Monitor

This directly measures all essential ball data at launch using ultra-high-speed cameras and HMT, which, independently, directly measures all critical club data, is the most in-demand technology in golf, having revolutionised club fitting and analysis.

It has also been adopted by some of world’s leading golf coaches, including Butch Harmon, for his academies, and is used on the range at Tour events every week as dozens of the world’s top golfers check their figures.

Customer Testimonial, George Wood, Panshanger Golf Club Member Handicap 11: I can practice, whatever the weather and actually see what my golf ball is doing and how far it actually goes. As well as using my own golf ball i am getting real feedback.

Andy Price, Panshanger Golf Club Member handicap 10: Using real balls really gives me the feel of the ball i will play with on the course. I love the ball flights stay on the screen which really helps me focus on my practice.

Social Play

Play your favourite world-class golf course in stunning, true-to-life HD resolution. FR1 Play makes your virtual golf game the ultimate simulation experience.

Play any of the following courses:

  • Carnoustie
  • The Celtic Manor Resort
  • Cog Hill
  • Congressional Country Club
  • Hazeltine National GC
  • Kingsbarns
  • Oakmont Country Club
  • Royal Birkdale
  • Royal Troon
  • Shaumburg
  • Sunningdale Country Club
  • Turnberry - Alisa Course
  • The Brabazon
  • The PGA National Sonoma Shores

Bench Marking

People don’t generally have golf lessons when they are playing well. When you are playing well book a bench marking session with us and we will record your club and ball data. If you start to go off line, we can get you back into the simulator to see what has gone awry and work out a plan to get you back to where you were producing the good data.

GAP Testing

A Gap testing session enables you to understand how far you hit each club and what the average gap of the yardage between each club is.

Because the testing is taking place in a controlled environment you can then set a benchmark. This allows you to adjust to the different weather and gradient conditions you face every time you go out to play a round of golf. You will get a bag tag with your yardages and you will be sent an email of your gap test results which can either be printed at home or kept on your computer, tablet or print out

Driver Launching

Did you know that the correct driver launch angle and spin rate could add up to 50 yards to your driver? Get a launch session now at Panshanger Golf Complex.

Ball Fitting

Whether you have been playing golf for twenty years, or you have just started out, your game WILL improve through custom fitting. By fitting for the right ball you can improve distance, spin and dispersion.

Session usually last 45 - 60 minutes for a set of irons.