At Panshanger Golf Complex You are in great hands with our PGA Professional on site.

The Nick Pinnock Golf Academy at Panshanger Golf Complex


Practice and Coaching Facilities

GC2 Simulator with HMT

This directly measures all essential ball data at launch using ultra-high-speed cameras and HMT, which, independently, directly measures all critical club data, is the most in-demand technology in golf, having revolutionised club fitting and analysis. It has also been adopted by some of world’s leading golf coaches, including Butch Harmon, for his academies, and is used on the range at Tour events every week as dozens of the world’s top golfers check their figures.

Grass Practice Area

The 160 yard grass practice area allows you to work on your short to mid irons on grass, rather than an artificial mat at a conventional range. This is an essential practice facility that will give you the opportunity to practice the same type of shots you would expect to play on the course.

Pitch and Putt

Our 9 hole pitch and putt course is perfect to hone in on the short game skills with holes varying from 50 to 90 yards. With a few bunkers out there as well, it is a fantastic opportunity to improve those short game skills.


Main Course

The 18 hole course can be used during playing lessons to work on all aspects of the game. When you are out on the course, it doesn't always have to be about the swing, we  can look at course management, awkward lies and everything else you'd expect to overcome whilst out on the course. 



Lesson Options 


With such a wide variety of facilities I will work to improve every aspect of your game. For every individual lesson, video comes as standard, with the option to receive your video via email free of charge. Lesson prices are as follows:

  • 30 minutes at £25

  • 60 minutes at £45

  • 2 hour playing lesson at £90

When booking a lesson, just let myself or the team know what type of lesson you would like so I can be prepared for the session. 

Junior Lessons

If we want this fantastic game to grow getting kids involved is the key, that is why this year getting the junior section back at Panshanger Golf Complex is the main aim. We have new junior group classes running every Saturday at 10-11 & 11-12 and on a Sunday at 10-11 with a maximum of 8 per group. These lessons will cover:

  • Driving ​- Driver/3 Wood

  • Long Game - Hybrids and Long Irons

  • Short Game - Chipping & Pitching

  • Putting

Once the basics have been acquired we will look to move them into the academy programme which we hope to be launching at the start of the season in April. 

Group Lessons

We currently have adult group classes running on a Thursday morning at 10am. The cost for these sessions are £7.50 per person and each week the sessions focus on a different aspect of the game. There is a maximum of 12 per session, spaces are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. 


Booking Availability

Lessons are available Monday - Friday 07:00-21:00 and Saturday - Sunday 07:00 - 18:00. 

For all enquires, contact Panshanger Golf Complex on 01707 276276 or contact Nick Pinnock on 07525611306

Please call us on 01707 276276 or click here to contact us