Hatfield Swim Centre is proud to work with many local clubs to bring inclusive activities to all ages and abilities. There programme of activities can be located through the Clubs website or contact details.

Platypus Swimming Club For The Handicapped

T: 01707 269587
E: ppapdavis@aol.com

Hatfield Swimming Club

T: 079666 37713
E: info@hatfieldswimmingclub.org
W: hatfieldswimmingclub.org

Beaumont Diving Club

T: 01438 798413
E: info@beaumontdiving.org
W: https://bda2016.wordpress.com

Trident Sub Aqua

T: 07535 042729
E: tridentsubaqua@live.co.uk
W: tridentsac.org

Mid Herts Divers

T: 07534 481942
E: hello@midhertsdivers.com
W: midhertsdivers.co.uk

John Achille - Achillefit Training

Achillefit training is a personal training academy delivering bespoke health &fitness courses in London & Hertfordshire as well as surrounding areas.

W: www.achillefit.com

Facebook: Achillefit Training

E: achilletrainer@hotmail.co.uk

T: 07949 215799