Learning to swim is one of the most important life skills.

Our Swim School operates 50 weeks of the year providing a development programme that offers lessons for all ages and abilities including parent and babies, parent and toddler, pre-school, juniors and adults. Whether its water confidence, learning to swim, improving stroke or increasing stamina, the learn to swim programme ensures everyone has the opportunity to enjoy swimming.

Our swimming development programme is accredited by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) and follows the National Plan for Teaching Swimming.


Adult and Baby Swimming Lessons

Our adult and child require an adult in the water for each lesson, the lessons are 20 minute classes, and these lessons are paid on monthly direct debits which are £20.00 per month.

The aim of the classes is to teach water safety and movement through structured play and exercise, these classes are split into three stages:

Adult and child 1 - for babies from 4 months -1 year

Adult and child 2 - for toddlers from 1-2 years

Adult and child 3 - for children from 2 - 3 years plus


Children Swimming Lessons

Stage 1-Stage 7 swimming lessons are half hour slots and are charged at £25.00 per month with a payment method of direct debit.

To identify which stage your child is best suited to, please view the descriptions of each group below.sic swimming techniques.

Ability groups


Stage 1 - a stage one classes will require an adult to go into the water with the children for each lesson, this for safety, this helps them follow instructions, build water confidence with the use of various aids.


Stage 2 - stage 2 lessons are for children who can swim a few metres on both their front and back unaided, who are confident in the water on their own, can jumping in, blowing bubbles and floating.


Please contact the centre so we can book your child in for a free assessment to determine which stage your child should enter.

Further Development Lessons

These are all 45 minute lessons, and are £30.00 per month with one lesson per week. These stages include:

  • Bronze ASA Challenge
  • Silver ASA Challenge
  • Gold ASA Challenge
  • Multi Aquatics


Adult Swimming Lessons

These are 45 minute lessons, one lesson per week with a direct debit of £30.00 per month.

We offer two levels of adult swimming lessons:

Beginner Lessons: Suitable for adults aged 16 and above, who are not confident in the water and who cannot swim more than 10 metres unaided on their front and backs.

Improver Lessons: Suitable for adults who are water confident and can confidently swim 10 metres on their front and backs, who want to learn basic swimming techniques.

Please call us on 01707 276276 or click here to contact us