Power Assisted Exercise For All

Come and try our friendly Shapemaster Gym at Hatfield Leisure Centre.

Opening Hours
 Monday to Friday 07.00 – 22.00 
 Saturday 08.00 - 20.00
 Sunday 08.00 – 20.00

 Our 12 power assisted exercise machines will give you a 36 minute all body workout and are specially designed for all those who want to get some exercise, get fitter, feel better, firm up, lose inches and increase mobility.

We also have 4 cardio machines, a treadmill, two bikes and a rowing machine.

Shapemaster suits all ages and all fitness levels.  Our Members say that, “the gym is really relaxed, very friendly and welcoming”.

Power assisted exercise tones and strengthens the muscles and the cardio vascular system at the same time, whilst burning fat and increasing metabolic rate, so that the body goes on burning calories for the rest of the day following your exercise session.

The equipment provides pain free movement and energising exercise for every age and condition in a safe and calm environment.

To sum up Shapemaster will help you:

•    Feel healthier, happier and more energised
•    Tone up, firm up, help to reduce inches and control weight
•    Increase mobility, posture and coordination
•    Combat stress, insomnia and fatigue
•    Strengthen your heart and lung function
•    Have fun and make new friends!

Please call us on 01707 276276 or click here to contact us